Top of the Mornin'

by Cartoon Lizard

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released March 10, 2016

Written, recorded, and mixed by Trevor Lang

Mastered by Tom Lang



all rights reserved


Cartoon Lizard Vancouver, British Columbia

Cartoon Lizard is a five piece psychedelic pop outfit based out of Victoria, BC made up of Trevor Lang, Shilo Preshyon, Brennan Doyle, Alex Maunders, and Ritchie Hemphill. Their songs are intricately arranged, multi-coloured compositions designed to appeal on a surface level as well as reward those who unearth its hidden layers through repeated listens. ... more

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Track Name: Top of the Mornin'
Daylight comes well top a the mornin'
Blind and heisted from the night
It's time to rise and seize the day
Why the long face?

Cause I know I'll never feel this day again
And I just want them all to matter till they end
But if I could read the bigger picture
Would I feel a tad bit better?
Well, it's hard to tell...

Daylight left so see ya tomorra'
Like a lifelong alibi
O' how the cycle spins along
And keeps in tow

When I know I'll never feel this day again
And I just gotta make em matter till they end
If every wasted day sums to a lifetime
Did I make the most of mine at all?
I'm feeling small...

I don't wanna I'm not gonna
Tell myself another lie
Shut my mouth and call me out
'Bout time I open my insides

I don't wanna I'm not gonna
Tell myself another lie
All and all I'm all in all the time
And I don't worry why

Though in time
I won't mind
I will want to settle down
Spin my life around
But for now
O' for now
I'll be around...
Track Name: Aliver Than Ever
I saw a light
Several times on the night
That I lost my favourite cap
In the back of that cab
And the way it interacted
How reflections refracted
I could tell how it acted
That it sure wasn't acting

Not from this earth possibly
Is it worth to believe
What you see
What you'll never explain
But I'm sure of what I saw
Then again I don't know at all
But I'll ask my dear ma
Cause she knows everything

But even she had no clue and thus
I thought that made two of us
I almost missed my bus
Thank god it was late
But I talked up a stranger
At the stop, short of change
And I tossed him a toonie
Told my tale like a loonie

And he told me Trevor
You're aliver than ever
But maybe ya better
Find a phone or a bed or something
To keep ya warm
Your edge is threaded and torn
And I'd say that I'd sworn
That you'd just seen a ghost

And I was up to my neck
Trapped in bed, barely slept
Known to rise on occasion
Changin' sheets on the bed
But I thought he might be right
I ain't likely to find
What I can't even prove
Wasn't proofed by my mind

But the last thing he said
Kid keep track of your head
If they call you a liar
Well you seem fine to me
But I'll keep a watchful eye out
On the sky to find those lights out
And if I see a glimmer
You're the first one to know...